Clarion Sunday June 2018

A hot and sunny Sunday 10th June 2018 saw an impressive 18 riders from Saddleworth Clarion ride over in 3 separate paced groups to Clarion House in Newchurch in Pendle, near Nelson.

The occasion was the resurrection of the old tradition of Clarion Sunday. Plus the opportunity to meet and enjoy the fellowship of Clarion members from other sections of the National Clarion Cycling Club.

The ILP Nelson Clarion Tearoom is the last remaining Clarion House, of which there were many in the Lancashire area and nationally from the beginning of the 20th Century.  Only open on Sundays it is entirely run by volunteers.

In total there were over 90 Clarion cyclists present at Clarion House on Sunday representing 10 different Clarion sections including Clitheroe, Barnoldswick, Bolton, Yorkshire Coast and London.

For most of the Saddleworth Clarion riders there and back gave them a decent hilly ride of about 75 miles, although the C ride group took a no less scenic but slightly shorter route.  However kudos to the group from Blackpool Clarion who had a round trip of 90+ miles, and the riders from North Cheshire Clarion.  There was even a Clarion rider from London Clarion who had evidently cycled most of the way from Tunbridge Wells!

In keeping with cycling tradition cups of tea were the order of the day to quench thirst after a hot cycle ride over to Nelson.  And a bargain at 55p for a pint mug of real tea. Indeed the volunteers at Nelson Clarion House commented on the amount of Clarion tea drunk and enjoyed by everyone. Takings were evidently many times greater than the average  Sunday.

Many thanks to the volunteers at Clarion House and the Clarion folks who made the cakes, buns and large amount of sandwiches on offer.


Sunday June 9th 2019 has already been pencilled in for the next Clarion Sunday. No doubt after the success of last Sunday’s ride Saddleworth Clarion will be back next year in even greater numbers.