Be proud to belong!

Our exclusive, specially-made club kit is perfect for any sort of ride
and tells everyone how serious you are about your cycling.

Plus it's only available here.

Be proud to belong!

Members can order club kit directly from Force GB online shop by clicking here.

We have various items available to members as shown below. All items can be ordered directly from the Force GB online shop and there is no minimum order quantity.

To Order

  1. You need to be a member of Saddleworth Clarion.
  2. You need to visit the Force GB online shop by click the logo above. This will take you directly to the Saddleworth Clarion shop.
  3. Browse the shop – all the information you need is there: sizing, product details, designs and options.
  4. Place your order, check out and pay.
  5. Orders will be delivered to you.


If you’re unsure which size to buy, try measuring a cycling jersey that you already own that fits you well, and compare those measurements to the size chart. Lay the cycling jersey on a flat surface and use the guide to measure the cycling jersey.


Q: How long will I have to wait until I receive my kit?
A: The turnaround is usually around 2 weeks.

Q: How do I know I’m ordering the correct size?
A: Please refer to the sizing guide on the Force GB website. If you are still unsure, fellow members may be able to help you with sizing.

Q: How do I collect my kit?
A: Kit is delivered for a small charge. Larger orders delivery is free.