Mountain Biking

Saddleworth Clarion has an active bunch of mountain bikers.  The Wednesday night MTB rides have been a central activity of the club since it started. We also organise some weekend off road rides for riders of all abilities and experience.  There is a growing group within the club enjoying mid week mountain bike rides along the local canals, always involving a cafe stop.

Mountain biking is a great way to improve your bike skills, get fit and explore the local area and further afield away from the tarmac. And of course a mountain bike offers a great opportunity to get out whatever the weather and is especially fun in the cold wintry conditions.

The intrepid Wednesday night mountain bike riders are not deterred by the weather and time of year, the colder it is the more they enjoy it.  No such thing as bad weather just poor clothing choice.

Locally we have a great selection of terrain to ride and the regulars like to think that they know all the best bits – they don’t of course and new route suggestions are always welcome.

Newcomers will always be welcome but please contact us in advance if you are going to turn up for the regular Wednesday Night MTB Ride, especially in the winter months, just in case there is the unusual situation that no one else can make it!