The Scarborough Dynamo

On a summer evening in 1993  a group of cycle messengers left the pub in London for Dunwich, on the East coast.  Riding the 190km overnight and unsupported they arrived in Dunwich the next morning. Fast-forward to 2018 and the Dunwich Dynamo has become an annual event, with many hundreds of riders taking part and riding through the night from London to Dunwich.
This year Saddleworth Clarion are “organising” Yorkshire and the North West’s very own Dynamo ride, The Scarborough Dynamo.  Now is the time to note that ‘organise’ is a loose term. We have an idea, we have a route and you can join us, it would be great if you did.
It is simple, just turn up to Stalybridge Station before 8pm on July 28th 2018.  Have a beer, or a tea, eat a porkpie and we will set off together. 200k later we will be in Scarborough.  We are eating fish and chips and grabbing an ice cream before we return.  How you get home is up to you.  Get a lift, catch a train, ride, if you are a big group hire a coach.
Please visit our Facebook page and message us or send an email to if you are interested in joining the riders from Saddleworth Clarion for the inaugral Scarborough Dynamo