We also do Mountain Biking!

Saddleworth Clarion has an active bunch of mountain bikers and the Wednesday night rides have been a central activity of the club since it started. Mountain biking is a great way to improve your bike skills, get fit and explore the local area and further afield away from the tarmac.

Locally we have a great selection of terrain to ride and the regulars like to think that they know all the best bits – they don’t of course and new route suggestions are always welcome. Newcomers will always be welcome but please try and let us know if you are going to turn up for the regular Wednesday Night Ride just in case of the unusual situation that no one can make it!

If your are interested in doing events there are a massive number to go at ranging from high speed, lung busting traditional cross country racing to the popular marathon style rides. Keep an eye on the website forum for the latest rides.